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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishswimmerswim‧mer /ˈswɪmə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  1 DSSsomeone who swims well, often as a competitorgood/strong swimmer Peter’s a very strong swimmer.2 DSSsomeone who is swimming We watched the swimmers heading out across the lake.
Examples from the Corpus
swimmerOn weekends, there's not enough room for all the boats and swimmers.And because dense bones tend to sink, black swimmers need to work much harder and expend more energy to keep afloat.The water edge brimmed with children the waves with surf riders the deep with indefatigable crawl swimmers flashing spray over wet heads.The Everton swimmer won five events in the 13 years group.The pool had just been cleaned and called out for swimmers.She was a good swimmer in her blue swimsuit.There was a call from another old-time swimmer, some one who just had to say hello to Doc.good/strong swimmerHe was also a good swimmer diver and horseman, as well as a fencer.Luckily, I am a good swimmer, so I managed to keep my head out of the milk.He was said to have been a strong swimmer.He is a good swimmer - quite good enough, and quite mature enough in that way, to respect flood water.Her movements were fluid, economical and beautiful to watch, like those of a good swimmer.She was a good swimmer in her blue swimsuit.