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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfishyfish‧y /ˈfɪʃi/ adjective  1 informalSUSPECT seeming bad or dishonest syn suspicious There’s something very fishy about him.2 CTtasting or smelling of fish a fishy smell
Examples from the Corpus
fishyThere's more water at Sea World where kids can touch, feed and learn about anything fishy.Not a smell of anything fishy about one of them.There was something fishy about the way supply met demand in an investment bank.There's something fishy about this business, if you ask me.But there was something fishy about those actresses because nine months after they had left even unmarried girls found themselves with child.That was fishy enough, but what Henry saw next was even more fishy.The air inside was rank with the fishy oils of stewing porpoise.All of which sounds a bit fishy -- selling off a chunk of the government to regain control of it?Frank said there was nothing to worry about, but it all sounded very fishy to me.