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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpepperypep‧per‧y /ˈpepəri/ adjective  1 CTtasting or smelling of pepper2 ANGRY informal becoming annoyed easily syn irritable
Examples from the Corpus
pepperyDark green arugula, often used as a stand-alone salad green, has a peppery and slightly bitter flavor.The meat is juicy and salty, peppery around the edges, and just soft enough to melt in your mouth.Her temper is as peppery as her hair.These are both very peppery, but the full effect is often not realised until you swallow.I could smell its peppery, pungent scent from where I stood.The addition of the peppery radishes is a new twist on the classic idea of using baby turnips.a peppery sauceThe main room was awash with bowls of pink and white carnations, the sweet, peppery scent filling the room.Lupins for her had a peppery smell, bracken a smell of the sea.