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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsavourysa‧vour‧y1 British English, savory American English /ˈseɪvəri/ adjective  1 British EnglishCTSWEET# savoury food tastes of salt opp sweet savoury party snacks pancakes with sweet and savoury fillings2 CTa savoury smell or taste is strong and pleasant but is not sweet3 not very savoury/none too savoury
Examples from the Corpus
savouryAs a child I didn't like sweets, but I loved crisps, nuts, and anything savoury.This is why it is quite as useful in savoury as in sweet dishes.In the late Middle Ages this was a savoury dish of ground chicken, pork, rice and onions.You can use this herb to flavour almost any savoury dish.I now have two: I use one for savoury dishes and one for sweet dishes.It adds a characteristic flavour to a range of savoury dishes, from pizza to pork chops.Children enjoy a variety of savoury food as well as sweet things so it is important to ensure there is a good balance.Avoid savoury manufactured goods and crisps. 5 Eat a variety of foods including fresh ones.And the rich, savoury smell of the hare drifted down to meet her, turning her stomach.We finished our drinks and Siegfried immersed himself in the Veterinary Record as savoury smells began to issue from the kitchen.