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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsmoothsmooth1 /smuːð/ ●●● W3 adjective (comparative smoother, superlative smoothest)  1 surfaceFLAT a smooth surface has no rough parts, lumps, or holes, especially in a way that is pleasant and attractive to touch opp rough Her skin felt smooth and cool. a smooth pebble The stone steps had been worn smooth.see thesaurus at flat2 happening without problemsEFFICIENT happening or operating successfully, without any problemssmooth running/operation Sarah is responsible for the smooth running of the sales department. The new government has promised a smooth transition of power. go smoothly at smoothly(2)3 movement [only before noun]GRACEFUL with no sudden movements or changes of direction, especially in a way that is graceful or comfortable Swing the tennis racket in one smooth motion. The jet made a smooth landing.smooth flight/ride (=a comfortable trip in an airplane or car) It wasn’t a very smooth ride.see thesaurus at comfortable4 personPOLITE someone who is smooth is polite, confident, and relaxed, but is often not sincere a smooth salesman He was a smooth talker. George is a smooth operator (=someone who does things in a smooth way).5 liquid mixtureTHICK LIQUID a liquid mixture that is smooth has no big pieces in it opp lumpy Beat the eggs and flour until they are smooth.6 sound a voice or music that is smooth is soft and pleasant to listen to smooth jazz He has one of those silky smooth (=very smooth) voices.7 tasteCT a drink such as wine, coffee, whisky, or beer that is smooth is not bitter but tastes pleasant a smooth full-bodied winesmoothness noun [uncountable] the smoothness of his skin smooth-talking
Examples from the Corpus
smoothMoisturizers promise to leave your skin softer and smoother.The car has excellent suspension and the journey was really smooth.Whisk cup water with lemon juice, flour and salt to taste until smooth.Add the remaining ingredients and beat until smooth.Smooth and charming, Francis was the kind of man your mother would love you to marry.The marble table felt smooth and cold against her arm.The eyebrows and eyelashes were drawn in an then very pale washes were put on, the paint smooth and even.The water around the fire was smooth as glass, black, like a standing pool of oil.She felt too, as she mopped the trickling water from it, the smooth bronzed skin of the leg.To ensure a smooth change-over, we'd like you to start work one week before your predecessor leaves.Stir in currants and mixed peel. 3 Add enough milk to make a soft, smooth dough.a board with smooth edgesFrontPage is a software program that helps to organize the entire web site so that it works in a smooth fashion.a smooth flightIt was one of the smoothest flights I've ever had.a smooth, freshly-paved drivewaya series of smooth, graceful ripples on the lakea smooth lawyerDon't let his smooth manner fool you - he's just after your money.The control exercised from this remote box, therefore, was vital to the smooth operation of this busy line.Behind the scenes ... chaos ... smooth operators ... and hairdressers everywhere.Blend the strawberries with a little icing sugar in a food processor until it forms a smooth purée.The main responsibility of the Project Co-ordinator is to ensure the smooth running of the department.She has lovely smooth skin.It is a smooth spreading sausage, similar in texture to a fine liver sausage, with a bright pink colour.We hope that most students will make a smooth transition into high school.worn smoothIt may carry genes for delicate surface ornament, yet be worn smooth by abrasion.The woman leads us down a long corridor of unvarnished cedar boards worn smooth by centuries of slippered feet.We lay beneath them in coarse sisal hammocks worn smooth by decades of use.High peaks are crested with boulders worn smooth by the weather.As they were parting, the priest drew from his pocket a small black amulet, worn smooth over many centuries.High, frescoed ceilings looked down on a marble floor worn smooth over the centuries.smooth running/operationSomewhere along the line its deals undermined its smooth operation.This is essential to facilitate the smooth running of a sale and to provide the client with regular written status reports.As the man on the spot, he was responsible for the smooth running of everything that happened on the site.An angry mob creates confusion and prevents the smooth running of its hunting sequence.Reengineering offered a technical fix for what were seen as lapses in the smooth operation of ongoing business processes.They are, in a college like Vassar, a key element in the smooth running of the school.Food and medical supplies against an efficient and smooth running operation.Zips: a double zip which is smooth running with an inner draught baffle.smooth flight/rideAs far as home openers go, there have been smoother rides.But until then Hussey should continue to enjoy a smooth ride.Please give my compliments to Captain Tynes, and thank him for the smooth ride.In particular, it boasts a longer wheelbase and new twist-beam suspension which produces a smoother ride and better handling.It is expected to be a smooth ride for the bill from here.Don't expect a smooth ride; liberating that which is repressed can be quite traumatic.By later standards they were rather slow cars, but the trucks gave a smooth ride on straight track.All the rail joints would be welded by the Thermit process, to give a smooth ride throughout.smooth operatorHe may not look it, but he is a smooth operator.He was then a smooth operator.Here are the big time smooth operators.Behind the scenes ... chaos ... smooth operators ... and hairdressers everywhere.silky smoothIts engine and gearbox are silky smooth.The undersides of the leaves are greyish-green and silky smooth.The animation is silky smooth and flicker free as your players run around the vast countryside scenario.As an all-over moisturiser, choose a Nivea Lotion for your skin type and enjoy a silky smooth body.The wholesomeness of youth was enmeshed in her looks, silky smooth cocoa skin, and fresh smell.