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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtangtang /tæŋ/ noun [singular]  CTTASTE OF FOOD OR DRINKa taste or smell that is pleasantly strong or sharp The beer had a sharp, bitter tang.tang of the salty tang of the sea the tang of fresh lemonstangy adjective tangy orange cake
Examples from the Corpus
tangHolly and birch have a clean tang.She was sticky with his blood, could smell the metallic tang of spilled life.The lemon added a nice tang to the sauce.Tarragon: Another strongly aromatic herb, tarragon has a hint of licorice and a subtle tang.He never asked how is the tang, how is the parrot fish.For the most part the tangs are herbivorous and constantly graze algae.It savoured the tang of Biff's own saliva, similarly flavoured, like a waxing and ebbing tide inside his mouth.She smelled the tang of fear in her nostrils and the taste of it in her mouth.The tang of some wild herb hung in the air: rosemary perhaps.