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tastetaste2 ●●● S2 verb  1 [linking verb]DFCTTASTE OF FOOD OR DRINK to have a particular kind of tastetaste good/delicious/sweet/fresh etc Mmm! This tastes good! The food tasted better than it looked.taste awful/disgusting etc The coffee tasted awful. taste of something This yoghurt tastes of strawberries. It didn’t taste much of ginger.taste like something It tastes just like champagne to me. What does pumpkin taste like (=how would you describe its taste)?sweet-tasting/bitter-tasting etc a sweet-tasting soupGrammarLinking verbsTaste is a linking verb in this meaning. It links the subject of the sentence with an adjective: The soup tastes salty.Fresh strawberries always taste delicious.Using the progressiveThe verb taste is not usually used in the progressive. You say: I tasted blood.It tastes sour. Don’t say: I was tasting blood. | It is tasting sour.You often say someone can taste something when describing what they taste: I could taste blood.The present participle tasting is used to form adjectives such as sweet-tasting and foul-tasting.2 [transitive]DFTASTE OF FOOD OR DRINK to experience or recognize the taste of food or drink She could taste blood. Can you taste the difference? It was like nothing I’d ever tasted before.3 [transitive]DFLITTLE/NOT MUCH to eat or drink a small amount of something to see what it is like It’s always best to keep tasting the food while you’re cooking it.4 taste success/freedom/victory etcCOLLOCATIONSadjectivestaste good/nice/delicious/greatThe apples weren’t very big but they tasted good.taste horrible/awful/disgusting/foulThe tea tasted horrible.taste funny/odd/strangeThese fruit drinks taste a bit funny until you get used to them.taste sweet/bitter/sour/saltyHe handed me some black stuff which tasted bitter.adverbstaste strongly of somethingThe water tasted strongly of chlorine.phrasessweet-tasting/strong-tasting etca sweet-tasting drink → See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
tasteThe fancier something looked, the better he thought it tasted.I am successful because I have the ability to make things sound, taste and look good.I can't taste anything with this cold.They had tasted Cassowary's sharp dagger of a beak before.Others decided to taste freedom in other fields of social activity: speculation on the black market, opening businesses etc."Go on then, taste it, '' said my grandfather, pouring a little of his home-made wine into my glass.It's a vegetarian pie, but it tastes just like meat!I don't like cranberries - they taste kind of sour.You should taste my Dad's fried chicken, it's delicious.I ordered chocolate ice cream but this tastes of coffee.The cake tastes pretty good to me.This milk tastes strange - do you think it's OK to drink?Did you taste the salsa?One notable disappointment in the tasting was the performance of Los Vascos, which had been making great strides in recent years.Taste your eggs before you put salt on them.could tasteWith it he could taste anything she gave him and suffer no harm.Eley knew he'd as well send her his ear as mail these stale words, although he could taste her still.She could taste him, round and warm and citrus, deep and cinnamon.I could taste iron in the air, and naphthalene.Christina could taste its salty tang and feel it settle stickily on her skin.Sally could taste the cigarettes and beer and found that that too was exciting.He bit his lip until he could taste the salt of blood and Samuel flinched with him.