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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeclarede‧clare /dɪˈkleə $ -ˈkler/ ●●○ W2 verb  1 state officially [transitive]SAY/STATE to state officially and publicly that a particular situation exists or that something is true A state of emergency has been declared.declare that The court declared that Brown’s case should be reviewed.declare somebody/something (to be) somebody/something Several countries wanted Antarctica to be declared a ‘world park’. The city was declared to be in a state of siege. I declare you man and wife.declare something illegal/invalid etc The war was declared illegal by the International Court of Justice. Mr Steel has been declared bankrupt (=it has been officially stated that he cannot pay his debts). We celebrate September 16, the day when Mexico declared independence from Spain (=officially stated that it was no longer ruled by Spain).see thesaurus at say2 state what you think [transitive]SAY/STATE to say publicly what you think or feel ‘It’s not fair, ’ Jane declared. He declared his intention to stand for president.declare that Carol held a press conference and declared that she was innocent.declare yourself (to be) something Edward declared himself angry and frustrated.3 declare war (on somebody/something)4 money/property etcMONEY/PROPERTY ETC [transitive] a) PETto state on an official government form how much money you have earned, what property you own etc All tips are counted as part of your earnings and must be declared. b) to tell a customs official that you are carrying goods on which you should pay tax when you enter a country5 declare an interest6 cricket [intransitive] to choose to end your team’s turn before all your players have batted declare against somebody/something declare for somebody/something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
declareShe should be declared a public nuisance and paved over for a parking lot.Severe flooding prompted the governor to declare a state of emergency Tuesday.What this means is that the candidate receiving more votes than any other candidate is declared elected.After nearly forty years' membership, the Communist party declared him a traitor.A state of emergency has been declared in Bangladesh.But and so 3 and 4 can be declared inactive.In the last century, mothers of illegitimate babies could be declared insane.All investment income must be declared on your 1040 tax form.Finally, the doctor declared that the man was dead.A majority of Republicans declared their support for the bill.In 1941 the US declared war on the Axis powers.declare thatApollo had declared that he was fated to kill his father.In its draft version the report declares that market forces alone will not ensure more efficient use of energy.Doctors declared that Maxwell died of natural causes.Successive governments have declared that science is intimately linked with national wealth.Kerry declared that she knew the Sharks would win.In response, supporters of the act declared that the exigencies of war dictated its promulgation.Single people have every reason to come forward and declare that they are entitled to a discount.Any suggestion that they might be the cause of problems is simply denied: it is declared that they could not be.declared ... intentionNow some of his players are saying it's time he came clean and declared his intentions.Kohlberg Kravis Roberts has declared its intention of buying up to 15 percent and is thought to be quietly picking up stock.It had begun the seventies with the declared intention of contributing 0.7 percent of the gross national product in official aid.Archaeology has as its declared intention the reconstruction of past societies and the understanding of processes of long term social change.It has also declared its intention to help develop new environmental industries.Kevin Welch has been appointed skipper because Richard Smith has declared his intention to retire.Clinton will accept the Democratic nomination for a second-term without ever having publicly declared his intention to seek re-election.On May 8 Martin Shikuku, interim secretary-general of the party, declared his intention to stand for the presidency.