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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexciseex‧cise1 /ˈeksaɪz/ noun [countable, uncountable]  PETthe government tax that is put on the goods that are produced and used inside a countryexcise officer (=someone who collects excise)excise duty/tax (=the money paid as excise) excise duty on tobacco Customs and Excise
Examples from the Corpus
exciseDelta Air Lines says it is no longer processing airline excise tax refunds for people who bought tickets with a credit card.Chris Luby by day is a customs and excise inspector, by night a Human Aeroplane.Within alcoholic drinks, excise duty revenue from spirits is declining, as its market share falls.The 0.8 p.c. rise in the index between the two months was largely due to changes in excise duty in the Budget.With many excises however, modest price increases have little or 00 effect on sales.If the stamped-in number is too hard to find, check the registration number against the excise licence.It is impossible to say when Congress may re-enact the excise tax.excise officerThe excise officer measures the amount of fermentable material - malt and other sugars - in the wort.