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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlevylev‧y1 /ˈlevi/ AWL verb (levied, levying, levies) [transitive]  PETPAY FORto officially say that people must pay a tax or chargelevy a tax/charge/fine etc (on something) a new tax levied on all electrical goods→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
levyHowever it does not levy a general sales tax; sales taxes are the bread and butter of most state governments.If the government wishes to raise tax revenue in order to subsidize the poor, it should levy a tax on films.A separate Cancellation Charge will be levied in respect of bookings cancelled in accordance with paragraph 4.Tax was levied on the land regardless of crop yield, and an average family could hardly break even.Taxes are not levied on the young to pay for the old.Payroll taxes are levied only on wages and salaries-not profits, interest, dividends, or capital gains.Taxes should be designed to encourage greater effort and levied only when wealth is achieved.Official scorers levy the errors, but their standards are no less disparate than any other group of 50 people.levy a tax/charge/fine etc (on something)But instead of levying fines, prosecuting plant officials or revoking their licenses, the agency only wrote threatening letters to trustees.If the government wishes to raise tax revenue in order to subsidize the poor, it should levy a tax on films.Legislative acts that levied taxes and defined benefits have never contained any provisions for investing in assets to provide future benefits.Representative David Bard of Pennsylvania proposed that the national government levy a tax on each slave imported.Sometimes the government has the opportunity to levy taxes which will actually improve efficiency and reduce waste.Suppose the government levies a tax, equal to the vertical distance E *.The new parliament will be empowered to levy a tax on its citizens to raise about $ 750 million a year.