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levylevy2 AWL noun (plural levies) [countable]  PETan additional sum of money, usually paid as a taxlevy on He wants to impose a levy on landfill waste.
Examples from the Corpus
levyCuts in personal and business taxation and social insurance levies are a top priority, to revive weak investment.He is planning a new levy of 15 cents a month from each union member, to be spent on political campaigns.Whether the penny-a-pound levy would force growers out of business is a matter of dispute.It will be funded principally by the levy.Employers with a payroll of £45,000 or less will be exempt from the levy.Wolsey met the first crisis by ordering the levy of a forced loan.In poll-capped Brent, where the levy and average bills only increased by 4%, the swing against Labour was 7.3%.levy onA 15% tax is levied on most hotel services.