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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstampstamp1 /stæmp/ ●●● S2 noun [countable]  1 mail (also postage stamp formal)TCM a small piece of paper that you buy and stick onto an envelope or package before posting it a 29-cent stamp Richard collects stamps. a second-class stamp2 ink_pad.jpg printed markTZ a tool for pressing or printing a mark or pattern onto a surface, or the mark made by this tool a date stamp a passport stamp3 the stamp of something4 payment British EnglishBBT a small piece of paper that is worth a particular amount of money and is bought and collected for something over a period of time television licence stamps5 taxPET British English a piece of paper for sticking to some official papers to show that British tax has been paid6 of ... stamp7 with footSTAND an act of stamping, especially with your foot an angry stamp food stamp
Examples from the Corpus
stamp"Louis, get over here!" Margaret demanded with a stamp of her foot.a stamp in your passporta 32-cent stampThe food stamps which government provides to such families can be spent only on food.Requests for the Learning stamp should be postmarked by March 20 and the Merian prints by June 1.Individuals seeking first-day cancellations of the new stamps should purchase them at a post office and place them on addressed envelopes.Do not forget there is no stamp needed.There is no signature silhouette or personal stamp left by color or texture.Do you save stamps?The material from the iron mortar boxes was washed out on to a screen and the oversize returned to the stamps.