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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtax avoidanceˈtax aˌvoidance noun [uncountable]  PETthe practice of trying to pay less tax in legal waystax evasion
Examples from the Corpus
tax avoidanceIt was not necessarily that the rich were more adroit at tax avoidance.Big business has further reduced its contributions by ingenious tax avoidance strategies.Trusts are a particular object of attack, as if all trusts had as their purpose the aim of tax avoidance.If a sign were needed that the Internet has become a real market, the arrival of tax avoidance is surely it.But a low capital-gains rate leads to investment decisions based on expectations of tax avoidance rather than productive efficiency.There are several specialist groups for business, subcontractors, large-scale tax avoidance and transfer of assets overseas.Since tax avoidance is so effective, the answer is probably not much.This may make your tax avoidance strategies much harder to employ.