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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtax bracketˈtax ˌbracket noun [countable]  PETa particular range of income levels on which the same rate of tax is paid It may put you in a higher tax bracket.
Examples from the Corpus
tax bracketIt's all to do with the £19,250 tax bracket and engines below 2 litres.Name the ethnicity, tax bracket or wardrobe, and they were there in full force.Together, that amounts to an annual tax saving of up to £1,000, compared to cars in a higher tax bracket.Two investors, both in 28 percent tax bracket, save $ 2,000 annually at 8 percent.Why should you and I be in the same tax bracket as Steve Forbes?We begin paying income tax at 25 percent once we move into the tax bracket.The key is, does your tax bracket justify buying munis?