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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtax reliefˈtax reˌlief noun [uncountable]  British EnglishPET when you do not have to pay tax on part of what you earn, especially because you use the money for a particular purposetax relief on You can get tax relief on private health insurance premiums.
Examples from the Corpus
tax reliefWhatever happens, any tax relief obtained on donations you have already made will not be lost.I have no savings interest and claim tax relief on £5 a week paid to my ex-wife.Once you remortgage, tax relief will be limited to the first £30,000 of your loan.However, in the 1988 Budget the Chancellor abolished the tax relief on all inter-personal covenants except those made for charitable purposes.No one loses their right to tax relief on borrowings up to £30,000 for these purposes.There are a range of possible initiatives from the establishment of a levy system, to tax relief for individuals.A combination of the two processes means that you can use seven years of unused tax relief in one tax year.Is there any way tax relief may be claimed on the cost of this lease?