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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtax returnˈtax reˌturn noun [countable]  PETthe form on which you have to give information so that your tax can be calculated
Examples from the Corpus
tax returnIf your child has already paid tax, he or she must complete a tax return to receive a rebate.I completed a tax return but heard nothing more.Reclaiming this tax involves filling in a tax return, including details of your salary received and the tax deducted.Professor Hoskins has written that the 161 households recorded in the 1670 Wigston hearth tax return represent eighty-two different family names.The ones that working... the only way they can do anything is to wait on their income tax return.Even the math behind a simple tax return carries assumptions that are open to challenge.In a few weeks you are going to be wrestling with your tax return.