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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtaxationtax‧a‧tion /tækˈseɪʃən/ ●○○ noun [uncountable] formal  1 PETthe system of charging taxes the government’s economic and taxation policydirect taxation (=tax on income)indirect taxation (=tax on things you buy)2 PETmoney collected from taxes higher levels of taxation
Examples from the Corpus
taxationNo order for costs save legal aid taxation.The landowners were able to express their views on problems of internal security, foreign affairs, and taxation increases.How do I protect my investments from taxation?He also maintained that increases in public expenditure would lead to increased taxation and higher unemployment.Yet after 1337 no further papal taxation was levied until 1362.Can the right hon. Gentleman explain how the costs of extending national insurance or raising taxation will help employment?That perhaps gives us some idea of what the regional taxation profile will look like.indirect taxationComprehensive statutes deal with the direct and indirect taxation of individuals and companies.Radical cuts to income tax plus large increases in national insurance and indirect taxation have made the tax system far more regressive.As for indirect taxation, estimated Engel curves relate the expenditure of groups of households on taxed goods to total expenditure.For example, the Long-term programme of Economic Stabilization recommended that there should be a shift away from indirect taxation towards direct taxation.The government's budget was strengthened by increased customs revenue and more particularly by a spectacular rise in indirect taxation.For individuals, the costs of maintaining a safe environment are, however, by no means all in the category of indirect taxation.Sales taxes are another form of indirect taxation popular in the South.The recent shift towards indirect taxation would have lowered even further the position of this country in the comparative scene.