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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtaxmantax‧man /ˈtæksmæn/ noun (plural taxmen /-men/) [countable]  1 the taxman2 PETsomeone whose job is collecting taxes
Examples from the Corpus
taxmanI dare say, but it will already have given you a pleasure that no taxman can touch.He denies conspiracy to cheat the taxman.Macari denies conspiring to cheat the taxman out of hundreds of thousands of pounds.This arrangement was convenient for the taxman, but unfair.Instead, you can use your annual capital gains tax exemption-currently £7,200-to shelter the returns from the taxman.Tax Unfortunately, much as we should like to leave this out, the taxman never seems to retire!Last year the taxman pocketed 550 million from people who should not have been paying tax - or who paid too much.