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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbinocularsbi‧noc‧u‧lars /bɪˈnɒkjələz, baɪ- $ -ˈnɑːkjələrz/ ●○○ noun [plural]  binoculars.jpg TLOOK ATa pair of special glasses, that you hold up to your eyes to look at objects that are a long distance away syn field glasses
Examples from the Corpus
binocularsBring binoculars, sunscreen, walking shoes, hat and a good bird guide.People were hurrying, binoculars bouncing on chests.With increased power, the field of view becomes smaller, and with increased aperture the binoculars become heavier.Pearl was saying, lifting the binoculars, her hands trembling, the lenses tapping the window pane.Through the binoculars I thought I made out an animal stretched out on the beach on a beeline from my window.He took the binoculars from around his neck and held them out.An inspection through binoculars revealed a vertical slate stack, impossible to see from the cliffs above.Omicron has a G-type spectrum, but when seen through binoculars seems to me rather more orange than might be expected.