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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblowerblow‧er /ˈbləʊə $ ˈbloʊər/ noun [countable]  1 Ta machine that blows out air, for example inside a car2 on the blower
Examples from the Corpus
blowerThe shower will stop automatically and warm air blowers will dry you off.Are they coming to mow the lawn or to liberate the hostages with rakes, clippers and blowers?New waterwheels were finished, as were new pumps and exhaust blowers for the acid towers.Huge blowers circulate the entire air of Bio2 several times in one day.a snow blowerSome of the blower motors they were making for Ford car heaters were noisy.Or has rapper Puff been on the blower from New York with a few choice words?It was just me at home on the blower, learning about all the various bits of it.To use the Blower Vac in blower mode, a two-piece hard plastic nozzle is fitted to the front.