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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcalibrecal‧i‧bre British English, caliber American English /ˈkæləbə $ -ər/ noun  1 [uncountable]GOOD AT the level of quality or ability that someone or something has achievedof somebody’s calibre Where will we find another man of his calibre? The school attracts a high calibre of student.of high/the right etc calibre The paintings were of the highest caliber.of this/that calibre The city needs a hotel of this calibre (=of this high standard).2 [countable] a) TPMWthe width of the inside of a gun or tube a .22 caliber rifle b) PMWthe width of a bullet
Examples from the Corpus
calibreBut with it all, an indomitable hope of the finest calibre.It's just that there aren't enough of sufficiently high calibre in the party's lower ranks.Needless to say, it will tend to be the highest calibre individuals who choose another career.May I hope, however, that some of your magazine's future escorts might be of a slightly higher intellectual calibre?The quality of the work submitted by candidates for the Test has improved, but more in presentation than in intellectual calibre.What was encouraging this year was that the overall calibre of entries far-outstripped last year's submissions.The latter may well cause the amount and the calibre of the load to alter.In the modern era, players of their calibre would surely have followed the professional trail.of this/that calibreWhen you talk of anglers of this calibre it is hard to emphasise just how brilliant they were in their prime.No need to apologise for anything performed with ensemble like this and commitment of this calibre.As you'd expect from a hotel of this calibre, the bedrooms are lavish and extremely comfortable.Great Britain has only produced four players of that calibre in the last 25 years.Properties of this calibre rarely become available therefore interior viewing is highly recommended.Certainly world stars of this calibre would have filled the stadium a year ago.