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cancan3 verb (canned, canning) [transitive] American English  1 DFto preserve food by putting it into a metal container from which all the air is removed syn tin British Englishcanned2 LEAVE A JOB OR ORGANIZATION informal to dismiss someone from a job syn sack3 can it!→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
canAs long as you live in my house I can.I kept saying, ` I think I can.It is in our vital interest to do it as properly and as thoroughly as we can.Scripts in different windows, meanwhile, can access each others' variables and objects, and even call remote functions.Thus many Great Groups are fueled by an invigorating, completely unrealistic view of what they can accomplish.Did you hear that they canned Linda?Only after long and painful work on oneself can that chief feature be at last revealed.And cable operators are doing all they can to get the government to prevent phone companies from carrying video programming.These parents want to do all they can to help, so they develop schemes to ensure that homework is completed.