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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcarriagecar‧riage /ˈkærɪdʒ/ ●●○ noun  1 vehicle pulled by horse [countable]TTB a vehicle with wheels that is pulled by a horse, used in the past2 train [countable] British EnglishTTT one of the parts of a train where passengers sit syn car American English3 movement of goods [uncountable]TT British English formal the act of moving goods from one place to another or the cost of moving them Canals were originally built for the carriage of coal. It costs £45.50 including carriage.4 machine part [countable]T a moving part of a machine that supports or moves another part the carriage of a typewriter5 position of body [uncountable] formalSTAND used when describing the position of someone’s body as they walk, stand, or sit her graceful carriage6 for moving heavy objectsTT [countable] something with wheels that is used to move a heavy object, especially a gun baby carriage
Examples from the Corpus
carriageThe passenger wagons were not going into town for another half hour, so I hired a carriage and went in myself.Two women tore the nylons I was wearing - really good ones - another dragged a baby carriage across my ninety-dollar shoes.They went into town in a borrowed carriage.Mutual anger surmounts mutual embarrassment through the rest of the long dark carriage ride.Two plastic rounded handles are screwed to each side of the motor carriage, and serve to control the plunge action.Both lights on the other side of the carriage work, so I change seats.