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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchutechute /ʃuːt/ noun [countable]  1 DTa long narrow structure that slopes down, so that things or people can slide down it from one place to another a rubbish chute a laundry chute The pool had several water chutes.2 informalTTA a parachute
Examples from the Corpus
chuteCows were led down a chute to be branded.I stopped at the compactor chute and disposed of my disposable gloves.Cruising chutes are available as an optional extra.Curtis has a good moment when she falls while attempting an escape through a laundry chute.The main chute cluster banged open and a second bar switch was extended.He jettisoned his parachute but died after his reserve chute failed to open in time.He rode his bike down that rocky chute behind the school.Wearing his scarlet flannel pad, he rolled majestically down the chute to the quay and everybody laughed and cheered.How about coal, roaring down a tin chute and into a basement bin?