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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_049_cconcavecon‧cave /ˌkɒnˈkeɪv◂, kən- $ ˌkɑːnˈkeɪv◂, kən-/ adjective  TBENDa concave surface is curved inwards in the middle opp convex a concave lens
Examples from the Corpus
concaveThe concave feels good, similar to the Gator but deeper if anything, simple but functional.Modern lizards and crocodiles have saddle-shaped shoulder joints, concave from the bottom to the top and convex from the inside out.The cone would then float up into the concave funnel and constrict the water passage, thus throttling its flow.Most myopic children can be fitted with glasses with concave lenses which will bring their vision to normal.a concave mirrorAt the centre of the face was a concave portion and Nuadu knew that the jutting bone of the nose had gone.The face was in inverse relief, with the features concave rather than convex, as for a mold.Disc harrows consisting of gangs of concave steel discs are dragged at an angle to the line of draught.The tail is quite mellow, and concave too.