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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconfigurationcon‧fig‧u‧ra‧tion /kənˌfɪɡəˈreɪʃən, -ɡjə- $ -ɡjə-/ noun [countable, uncountable]  1 formal or technicalTARRANGE A GROUP OF THINGS OR PEOPLE the shape or arrangement of the parts of something syn layoutconfiguration of the configuration of pistons in an engine2 technicalTD the combination of equipment needed to run a computer system
Examples from the Corpus
configurationThe specific trend features mosaics of circular-concentric configuration, whereas the general one features mosaics of relatively complex, strictly axial geometries.Its function is landfill gas monitoring and it is available in single or dual-detector configurations.Supported Ethernet gateway configurations are similar to those currently supported by 3174 Token Ring gateway configurations.We had performed the movement so many times, our bodies slipping past each other into a new configuration.There will be one-to-four port configurations for the desktop and T-1 configuration for large client/server installations.HingeIt comes in several configurations and the Eurorack version is heated, like those lovely accessories in Continental baths.That the dandruff flecks on his left shoulder formed the configuration of Ursa Major.This will allow refitted wagons to be marshalled in mixed train configurations pending the completion of installation work.configuration ofThe constellation appears as a cone-shaped configuration of bright stars.