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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfacilityfa‧cil‧i‧ty /fəˈsɪləti/ ●●○ W3 AWL noun (plural facilities)  1 facilities2 [countable usually singular]TDO a special part of a piece of equipment or a system which makes it possible to do something Is there a call-back facility on this phone? a bank account with an overdraft facility3 [countable]TIF a place or building used for a particular activity or industry, or for providing a particular type of service a top-secret research facility the finest indoor sports facility in the US4 [singular]GOOD AT a natural ability to do something easily and well syn talentfacility for She has an amazing facility for languages.5 the facilitiesCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + facilitiessports/sporting facilitiesHave you checked out the local sports facilities?leisure/recreational facilities (=facilities for activities that you do for pleasure)The leisure facilities include a sauna and a gym.hotel facilitiesMake use of the hotel facilities, which are excellent.parking facilitiesThe building has parking facilities for twenty cars.educational facilitiesWe aim to improve the provision of educational facilities such as libraries.training facilitiesThe company plans to set up in-house training facilities.computing facilitiesThe department provides excellent computing facilities for students.childcare facilitiesMore women would work if there were better childcare facilities.catering/restaurant/cooking facilitiesThe rooms all have cooking facilities and a fridge.communal facilities (=to be used by everyone who lives in a place)Communal facilities at the campsite were well-maintained.shared facilities (=facilities to be shared, especially bathrooms)The less expensive rooms have shared facilities.verbsprovide facilitiesRecycling facilities are provided by the local council.offer facilitiesA wide range of facilities is offered.use the facilitiesGuests are welcome to use all the hotel’s facilities.make use of the facilitiesWe hope students make use of the new facilities.facilities include somethingThe centre’s facilities include an outdoor swimming pool.phrasesa range of facilitiesThe range of facilities offered by this hotel is superb.
Examples from the Corpus
facilityThe phone is equipped with a call-back facility.We will encourage more effective use of local sport and leisure facilities through compulsory competitive tendering.The college has excellent research facilities.The Sport and Recreation Department offers some of the finest indoor sports facilities and outdoor playing fields in the province.Money is being raised to build a new sports facility.There is a vast range, and the facilities and opportunities offered by these vary considerably.There was also fierce local opposition in June to plans to build the world's largest nuclear waste facility near Krasnoyarsk.They are usually purpose-built, with facilities to help disabled people and are staffed by qualified people.facility forDr. Lao has a facility for remembering names and faces.