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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfail-safeˈfail-safe adjective  1 Ta fail-safe machine, piece of equipment etc contains a system that makes the machine stop working if one part of it fails2 EFFECTIVEa fail-safe plan is certain to succeed
Examples from the Corpus
fail-safeAnd the idiots had hooked the man's life support on to a wholly independent generator, the prison fail-safe.Each one must be set up with fail-safe guides for a true and even curve.When we faint we return to normal breathing and so fainting is a fail-safe mechanism for hyperventilation control.The fail-safe method of dealing with a software problem was to make another copy of the disk that came with the application.Note that there is a fail-safe principle in the design.All jets have an immediate fail-safe switch that retracts a failed thrust-reverser.But there was no fail-safe way to dress for outings in Roman's company.