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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfiberglassfi‧ber‧glass /ˈfaɪbəɡlɑːs $ -bərɡlæs/ noun [uncountable]  DTthe American spelling of fibreglass
Examples from the Corpus
fiberglassHe tried gel, sand sacks and fiberglass, without much success.Interactivity: The sign promises luck should you rub the head of a certain fiberglass leprechaun.Denver then flew the composite fiberglass craft to Monterey.A.. It is fiberglass or other form of plastic, and the lining is on the outside of the tank.The age of fiberglass has arrived.You can blow in cellulose or fiberglass for $ 1 to $ 2 a square foot.Halfon is trying to introduce his 72-pound fiberglass board -- with an optional sail -- in much the same way.Most of the recovered pieces were small fiberglass chunks and parts of the wings.