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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishflangeflange /flændʒ/ noun [countable]  Tthe flat edge that stands out from an object such as a railway wheel, to keep it in the right position or strengthen it
Examples from the Corpus
flangeThese should fit into the well of the recessed window and have a flange which overlaps the edge of the well.Most replacement doors are fastened to the framing by nailing through a flange at the top and sides with 2-inch roofing nails.When you work a flange, you park the sub right in front of it.The thing - it must have been five metres across - rippled its flanges invitingly and eased right to where we stood.Made from flexible synthetic compound that won't support bacterial growth, its self-sealing flanges grip the insides of almost any cistern.Although I have seen flanges in several places, nowhere are they more spectacular than on the Juan de Fuca Ridge.Hot water pools beneath these flanges, creating unique hazards for a pilot ascending the structure.The bus had two sets of wheels, one with conventional tyres and another set of iron wheels with flanges.