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ldoce_106_bflareflare2 noun  1 [countable]T a piece of equipment that produces a bright flame, or the flame itself, used outdoors as a signal The distress flares were spotted by another ship.2 [countable usually singular]FIRE a sudden bright flame There was a brief flare as the match was lit.3 flares
Examples from the Corpus
flareFlares marked the landing site.The sound of another flare being fired punctuated the night.The familiar patchwork emerges, its margins decorated in autumn by the red and golden flare of the leaves.One flare hit a policeman in the face and doctors said his condition was critical.Suddenly, out above the southeastern horizon, parachute flares flowered, lighting up the landscape like daytime.The flare on the other side of his eyelids informed him everything was working normally.Tight trousers flowing to flares, waisted jackets, vivid shirts and ties half a mile wide.