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gelgel2 verb (gelled, gelling)  1 SURE (also jell especially American English) [intransitive] if a thought, plan etc gels, it becomes clearer or more definite Don’t start writing until the idea has gelled in your mind.2 UNITE (also jell especially American English) [intransitive] if two or more people gel, they start working well together as a groupgel with He did not gel with Chapman. After two days, the group gelled into a team.3 DFT (also jell especially American English) [intransitive] if a liquid gels, it becomes firmer or thicker4 [transitive] to put gel into your hair gelled hair→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
gelI am very pleased with how the group is gelling.They appear to gel as a group, with only the odd complaint about sharing or taking turns.a handsome man with short, gelled hairClark says that the idea had already gelled in his mind as far back as September 1981.Batty was magnificently constructive throughout but things refused stubbornly to gel up to the interval.We seem to be working really well as a unit and things really gel when we write together.