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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgelatinousge‧lat‧i‧nous /dʒɪˈlætɪnəs $ -ˈlætn-əs/ adjective  DTin a state between solid and liquid, like a gel
Examples from the Corpus
gelatinousThe leaves and stems become soft and blackened and the root evil-smelling and gelatinous.It too is gelatinous, and the upper surface if finely felted in texture.A pelagic habit and a delicate, gelatinous body account for their poor fossil record.Seed pans should be filled with this and the gelatinous material containing the seed spread as evenly as possible over the surface.The gelatinous orange pebbles peeked up from a wrap of dark, green seaweed under a one-eyed yellow pond.The mustard came in a gelatinous sealed plastic envelope that he had to open with his teeth.An enamel pot arrived and we dipped our fingers in the sweet, gelatinous stuff.Fish package their excreta into a thin gelatinous tube before disposal.