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grabgrab2 noun  1 make a grab for/at something2 be up for grabs3 [countable]T the act of getting something quickly, especially in a dishonest way a shameless power grab to eliminate opposition Officials denounced the settlers’ land grab.
Examples from the Corpus
grabShe dodged around him and ran into the road as he made a grab for her.Howe said Doug Johns is his fifth starter, but the fourth slot is up for grabs.I had some memorable test drives after buying a dozen 6R4s when they were up for grabs at the factory.In the past fortnight war veterans have begun more land grabs.The defender does this by suddenly splitting his X block and converting it to a double open-palm grab.Hamilton's actions were nothing more than a power grab within the company.land grabMonta o accuses the city of deliberately forcing the neighborhood to go downhill, the better to justify a future land grab.In the past fortnight war veterans have begun more land grabs.If these incorporations fail, Marana and Oro Valley land grabs will continue.