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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheavy-dutyˌheavy-ˈduty adjective  1 VERYheavy-duty materials are strong and thick and not easily damaged heavy-duty canvassee thesaurus at strong2 TMACHINEheavy-duty machines or equipment are designed to be used for very hard work3 especially American English informalSERIOUS/NOT JOKING very complicated, serious, or extreme Today, she was going to do some heavy-duty cleaning.
Examples from the Corpus
heavy-dutyThe bathroom needs a heavy-duty cleaning job.a heavy-duty conversationThe emergency equipment includes food, a first-aid kit, and a heavy-duty flashlight.You unpack the orb from the heavy-duty insula-tion stuffed around it.heavy-duty plastic garbage bagsThe principal technical problems which had to be resolved were breakage due to heavy-duty service and abuse.Use a heavy-duty solvent-based type instead if the roof surface is in very poor condition.She turned on his heavy-duty torch.If you are going to put an electric cable underground, you must use the special heavy-duty type.This began the race to find the perfect pump designed for heavy-duty use in rural communities of developing countries.