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leadlead3 /led/ noun  1 pencil.jpg [uncountable]HCE a soft heavy grey metal that melts easily and is poisonous, used on roofs, or in the past for water pipes. It is a chemical element: symbol Pb2 [countable, uncountable]DAVP the central part of a pencil that makes the marks when you write3 go down like a lead balloon4 [uncountable] American English old-fashionedSHOOT bullets They filled him full of lead.5 leads
Examples from the Corpus
leadAll these increase costs and lead to economic inefficiency.Two-goal Dave Mitchell fired Swindon into an early lead.There were no clues, no leads, no moves to be made.We got our cherry popped that day, and my platoon was in the lead.One of the lead negotiators in the Liggett talks said a possible deal was still moving forward.