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liftlift2 ●●● S3 W3 noun  1 in a building [countable] British EnglishTD a machine that you can ride in, that moves up and down between the floors in a tall building syn elevator American English They took the lift down to the bar. It’s on the 3rd floor. Let’s use the lift.2 in a car [countable]DRIVE if you give someone a lift, you take them somewhere in your car syn ride Do you want a lift into town? John gave me a lift home. He very kindly offered me a lift.3 give somebody/something a lift4 lifting movementUP [countable] a movement in which something is lifted or raised up She does sit-ups and leg lifts every morning.5 wind/aircraft [uncountable]TTA the pressure of air that keeps something such as an aircraft up in the air or lifts it higher chairlift, ski lift
Examples from the Corpus
liftPedro stopped to give me a lift.I accepted her offer of a lift home.Never accept lifts from strangers.Dead lift Squat down with your feet just over shoulder width apart.Even the fork lifts have computer screens.Days are not spent zigzagging across the mountain from one lift to the next.I was on the second lift with Bravo Com-pany.As it turned out, it was Farragut himself who gave the Union its first substantial lift that summer.The lift carried on upwards and Juliet followed the other visitors into Hunter Ward.took the liftShe walked round to the main entrance and took the lift.A chill suddenly struck her, as they left the Aston Martin and took the lift back up to Guy's penthouse apartment.I signed in; took the lift with a bored porter to my room, which was twin-bedded, overlooking the park.Tabitha Jute and Marco Metz took the lift to street level.Pascoe took the lift back down a floor.gave ... a liftThey stopped the cab and gave him a lift home, teasing him lightly about the toasts.But an emergency medical team from Dagestan gave this reporter a lift to the field hospital located just outside the town.Well, perhaps Warner had seen her waiting for a bus or hitchhiking to the inaugural and generously gave her a lift.I gave him a lift into Honolulu one night when his car had broken down.The launch gave us a lift over, to save us waiting for the ferry in the morning, that is all.Norman gave John a lift home in his Range-Rover.That still gave him a lift.Our Verdict: We especially liked the facial saunas, a relaxing treatment that gave a lift to tired skin.