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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlinseed oilˌlinseed ˈoil noun [uncountable]  DTthe oil from linseed, used in paints, for protecting wood surfaces etc
Examples from the Corpus
linseed oilIf the acid is fatty such as linseed oil, then the result is a soap and water.The applied finish - several liberal coats of linseed oil - was allowed to dry, then finally waxed.It was magnificent and would come up a treat with a rubbing of linseed oil.Arlott's punctuation of those events remains as evocative as the half-remembered smell of linseed oil on willow.A good polish reviver can be made by mixing equal parts of raw linseed oil, substitute turps and vinegar.A mixture of equal quantities of raw linseed oil and substitute turps is often rubbed into pine prior to staining.The linseed oil helps restore the shine to a dull surface.I seem to remember a recipe in the Woodworker using linseed oil.