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mapmap2 ●○○ verb (mapped, mapping) [transitive]  1 TCto make a map of a particular area He spent the next fifteen years mapping the Isle of Anglesey.2 TMto discover or show information about something, especially about its shape or arrangement, or how it moves or works The points at which stress and anxiety emerge can be mapped. map onto something map something ↔ out→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
mapA conventional lens maps each light ray to a particular point on an image plane.He reckoned in a destiny that was mapped for his career.High altitude radar mapping has also helped reveal a hitherto undocumented people in Costa Rica.Polson has already mapped out a 20-week book promotion tour.Road atlas programs will map out your route between two cities or set up a whole itinerary of stops.The path to glory was mapped out.It is known to map real metrics to real metrics only for space-times with two space-like Killing vectors.Ranger Dave Hutson likes to remind visitors how lucky they are compared to James White, who first mapped the cave.The Magellan spacecraft has mapped the surface of Venus.A number of senators are already mapping their campaigns for the presidency.