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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_218_jmaterialma‧te‧ri‧al1 /məˈtɪəriəl $ -ˈtɪr-/ ●●● S1 W1 noun  1 [countable, uncountable]TIMD cloth used for making clothes, curtains etc syn fabric curtain material scraps of material a cape made of a soft material2 [countable, uncountable]TI a solid substance such as wood, plastic, or metal materials like wood or stoneorganic/plant material Animals depend on plant material for food. harmful radioactive material a paper company which imports raw materials (=substances which have not been treated) from North America. recycled material3 [uncountable] (also materials [plural])TDO something/TAKE ACTION the things that are used for making or doing somethingreading/writing etc material(s) Videos often make good teaching material. a supply of building materials artists’ materials4 [uncountable]INFORMATION information or ideas used in books, films etc His act contains a lot of new material.material for Anita is collecting material for a novel. the raw material (=information that has not been carefully examined) for an article5 officer/executive etc materialTHESAURUSfor making clothes etcmaterial noun [countable, uncountable] cloth used for making clothes, curtains etcShe bought some pretty dress material.fabric noun [uncountable] cloth used for making clothes, curtains etcMan-made fabrics such as polyester are easy to wash and iron.furnishing fabricscloth noun [uncountable] woven material, especially material made from natural substances such as cotton and wool, which has not yet been made into any other productsThe main trade was the production of woollen cloth.textiles noun [plural] formal a general word for all types of cloth – used especially when talking about the business of producing and selling themTextiles are one of Mexico’s main exports.the textile industrya solid or liquid substancematerial noun [countable, uncountable] a substance, especially one that can be used for making thingsbuilding materialsThe island has to import oil and other raw materials (=materials used for making things). radioactive materialsubstance noun [countable] a type of material such as a chemical or a mineralThe green colour of the leaf is due to a substance called chlorophyll.Dioxin is one of the most toxic substances known to man.matter noun [uncountable] formal a type of substance – used especially in the following phraseswaste matter from the bodyIt is important to add plenty of organic matter to the soil.People throw away lots of vegetable matter. stuff noun [uncountable] informal a substance – used especially when you do not know exactly what it isWhat’s that sticky stuff on the floor?
Examples from the Corpus
materialart materialThe stories he collected became material for the biography he is now writing.It is still prudent to re-condition bought materials.The company supplies building materials such as bricks and cement.building materialsThe rubble of solid chilled material overlying the hot core naturally tends to insulate it, and it does so very efficiently.Could I have six metres of that curtain material?Appropriate educational material will continue to be co-ordinated, evaluated and distributed to schools as it becomes available.There wasn't enough material to write a whole book.A layer of insulating material should be placed between the panels and the solid wall.Menken is collaborating on the new material with Tim Rice.The chairs are made of recycled material.I've been unable to find any reference material on the subject of interracial adoptions.It smelt not only of mud and rotting materials, but also the unmistakable odour of human waste.T-shirt materialShe was wearing a long black dress made of some silky material.Some materials are easier to dye than others.Steel is a stronger material than iron.Samples of the material were collected and sent for analysis while crews worked to remove the material.In any trial, the prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the material is obscene.However, even this material would not be strong enough if the balloon was designed along conventional lines.No one is advocating producing more of this material, as some fear.There's a basket there with some books and writing materials.raw materialsOr dealing with suppliers that ignore requests for raw materials.Similarly, he has the rights and obligations of a buyer as against the person from whom he purchases his raw materials.The range of raw materials for the body would be extensive.Tom has finally pleased the invisible hand by taking raw materials and producing something worth more than what he started with.Knowledge, power and economic resources are the raw materials of social action, and they are all unequally available.And today is your final chance to glimpse these raw materials of our landscape.No longer is the customer at the end of the line, nor does the supplier only relate to raw materials.Cans are made of valuable raw materials - aluminium, steel and tin which are rarely recycled.building materialsOld garage doors are treated as building materials.After coal, building materials figured importantly among bulk cargoes.Similarly, a child with a visual-spatial difficulty may not easily notice how different building materials or action figures fit together.There was no shortage of excellent building materials from varied marbles to stone, brick and volcanic substances.They scrounge wiring, plasterboard, wood, all kinds of building materials from local firms and are rebuilding the charred structure.There are ropes, buckets and other building materials scattered about the floor of the Wheel Room.We have continued to develop the sale of high quality timber into those branches which previously sold building materials only.We proceeded to send some one to Saigon to scrounge up building materials.raw materialIt also provides three levels of stock, i.e. raw materials, work in progress and finished goods. 4.Every raw material meanders thrOugh such a network.Knowledge, power and economic resources are the raw materials of social action, and they are all unequally available.Drawing on his manufacturing backgrounds he figured the raw materials cost less than $ 15.We should not however confuse the transaction with the eventual use of the raw material.And public opinion, the raw material of governing, is the engine of that evolution.Dickinson's quiet life provides the raw material for her poetry.Their raw material and energy costs would rise, while being deprived of their previous government subsidies.