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meshmesh2 verb [intransitive]  1 SUITABLEif two ideas or things mesh, they fit together very wellmesh with His own ideas did not mesh with the views of the party.2 TJOIN something TOGETHERif two parts of an engine or machine mesh, they fit closely together and connect with each other→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
meshHopefully, at some point, it all meshes.The Normans, that summer, began to mesh into the fabric of the new, alert life of the country.Fortunately, they meshed nicely with the neo-mercantilist enthusiasms of the Labour government.This charge meshes nicely with the slight positive charge on one side of water molecules.The problems which are likely to be encountered in attempting to mesh such divergent data are both technical and philosophical.Nor is it yet clear how the poems will mesh with the paintings in Venice.That does not mesh with the reports from the region at the moment.The proposed abortion plank does not mesh with the thinking of party leaders.mesh withMeshing Celtic folk with punk, the Pogues' music is sweet, strong and exciting.