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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmethanolmeth‧a‧nol /ˈmeθənɒl $ -nɒːl, -nɑːl/ noun [uncountable]  Ta type of poisonous alcohol that can be made from wood
Examples from the Corpus
methanolThe only raw materials needed are carbon monoxide and methanol.This enzyme converts methanol into a closely related molecule: formaldehyde.But that is exactly what happens when people drink methanol.The catalysed conversion of methanol to ethanol by reaction with syn-gas, is also possible but not yet commercial.Add a few drops of methanol to compensate for evaporation.Nor is this the only way that methanol can be used.The preferred specimen in screening for exposure to methanol or salicylate is serum.C., will deploy a fuel cell-driven shuttle bus using methanol as a fuel.