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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmodemode /məʊd $ moʊd/ ●○○ AWL noun [countable]  1 formalWAY/MANNER a particular way or style of behaving, living, or doing somethingmode of the most efficient mode of transport They have a relaxed mode of life that suits them well. Western modes of thoughtsee thesaurus at method2 technicalTD a particular way in which a machine or piece of equipment can operate Set the monitor to 256 colour mode. To get out of the ‘auto’ mode on the camera, turn the knob to ‘M’.3 be in work mode/holiday mode etc4 be the mode5 technicalAPM one of various systems of arranging notes in music, such as major and minor in Western music à la mode, modish
Examples from the Corpus
modeIn the late 20th century, we have more choices about modes of living.Perform combination techniques on the move so that you are able to work effectively in a retreating as well as an advancing mode.Especially this year, when it has scarcely rained, and everyone is in full athletic mode seven days a week.The optimized compiler has a blended mode option for applications that will run on 80486 and Pentium boxes as well as a Pentium-only mode.The dominance of the dominant mode must be legitimated.The car features an economy driving mode.In use, I tried most of the exposure modes.Metaphor is the dominant structuring mechanism of the novels, stylized transcription of consciousness their fictional mode.Closely related to the irons in mode of origin are stony-irons, which make up about 2 percent of all falls.The agencies dealing with business and corporate elites tend to employ a more co-operative mode than those dealing with the poor.To put the VCR in record mode you press record and play simultaneously.Commercial airlines have the lowest accident rate of all transportation modes.mode of transportThe theory that talk is a mode of transport sounds rather strange.His heirs developed the business to adapt to changing modes of transport.The following table shows how many litres of petrol per 100 passenger kilometres different modes of transport consume.Such situations often occur when people make a particular journey between two places by more than one mode of transport.He is right to emphasise the general safety level of the railways, which compares favourably with all other modes of transport.This line of argument is never applied to other modes of transport - and could have interesting results if it were!There were several stations in Colombo and for many years the principal mode of transport within the city was the train.We assessed the conditions in which vaccines were transported in Birmingham during the summer and surveyed the modes of transport used.