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nailnail2 verb [transitive]  1 [always + adverb/preposition]TATTACH to fasten something to something else with nailsnail something to something A sign saying ‘No Fishing’ had been nailed to the tree.nail something down The lid was firmly nailed down.nail something up (=permanently close a window or door by fixing something across it using nails) The windows had been nailed up.2 informalSCPCATCH to catch someone and prove that they are guilty of a crime or something bad It took us 10 years to nail the guy who killed our daughter.nail somebody for something The state police finally nailed him for fraud.3 informal if you nail something, you succeed in getting it, after a lot of time or effort She finally nailed her dream job.4 informal to do something perfectly, especially when singing or performing I thought that song might be too big for you, but you absolutely nailed it!5 nail a lie/myth6 nail your colours to the mast7 nail somebody to the wall/cross nail somebody/something ↔ down→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
nailBoitano nailed a superb triple axel jump.For their sins, they were both nailed and all but crucified on the reef.I got a hammer and nailed down the floorboards.Myers was nailed for selling marijuana.The windows had been nailed shut.Landry said his radar gun had nailed Soares going 82 m. p. h. on I-93.Police use radar to nail speeding drivers.We watched as Dad nailed the fence panels together.Someone nailed the kitchen cabinets shut.So how did we nail the opportunist without resorting to high-level warfare?She nails the quips and finds extra laughs between the lines.The desks in all the classrooms were nailed to the floor.These need to be screwed or nailed to the floorboards below.A large American flag is nailed to the wall above the bed.The door to the servants' quarters in the attics had been nailed up.nail something to somethingA letter of protest had been nailed to the post.nail somebody for somethingWilliams was nailed for burglary.