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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpadpad1 /pæd/ ●●○ S3 noun [countable]  1 pads.jpg soft materialTD a thick flat object made of cloth or rubber, used to protect or clean something, or to make something more comfortablepad of Press on the wound with a large pad of cotton wool. Use an abrasive pad for stubborn stains.knee/elbow/shin/shoulder pad (=a pad that you wear to protect a part of your body when you are playing a sport)2 paperTCNWRITE several sheets of paper fastened together, used for writing or drawingwriting/sketch/memo/legal etc pad a box of paints and a sketch pad Keep a telephone pad and a pen to hand. a pad of paper3 flat ground a piece of flat ground where small aircraft can landlaunch/landing/helicopter pad The hospital has built a helicopter pad.4 animal’s footHBA the flesh on the bottom of the foot of a cat, dog etc5 apartment old-fashioned informalDHHOME someone’s apartment or the room where they live6 water plantHBP the leaf of a water lily launch pad, helicopter pad
Examples from the Corpus
pada bachelor padChanging the subject slightly the brake pads and linings are showing no signs of any wear after over 24,000 miles.Cover the wound with a cotton pad.Each pad has an identifying number, and each check is numbered consecutively.Though the night was cold, I had a foam pad, a blanket and a down bag.I had to sleep on a foam pad on the floor.He picked up his pad from beside the chair.a lily padThe combination of pad, mobile launcher and flame trench was cooled with a water deluge system.His knapsack and sketch pad and sleeping bag lay on the floor, candy wrappers scattered around them.The Boots range also includes specially designed briefs, some of which are ideal for use with Staydry pads.Wipe the pad over the surface until the wood starts to shine.He fanned the coals with the pad till the ashes rose up the chimney and the flames jumped.knee/elbow/shin/shoulder padAmong the items scientists have unearthed are four-inch clay figurines depicting men wearing hip and shoulder pads.Another time it was a blond streak and shoulder pads.Gardener's knee pads are a good idea: kneeling on joists can be very uncomfortable.Cut two little strips to decorate the front of the shoulder pads and press on.writing/sketch/memo/legal etc padPolice sources revealed earlier that the three-page ransom note had been handwritten on paper from a legal pad found in the home.Instead, he pulls a legal pad and a calendar from his briefcase and heads for the phone.Then he got pen and writing pad and sat at the table.Susan was already off the window scat, looking for a place to tuck her sketch pad.Topping the heap at 36K is Memo Pad which gives you a scratchpad facility.Now it's Dominic who hovers selfconsciously, scribbling busily on a yellow legal pad.launch/landing/helicopter padHere the air-lock doors of a cargo bay; there a communications nacelle, a launch pad, a service hatch.Each of the Apollo launch pads was 0.65 square kilometres in size and constructed of heavily reinforced concrete.Neighbours, the show that was her launch pad, might have to be jettisoned.But there are signs that the protest may be the launch pad for a powerful and broadly based opposition.The fully fuelled Saturn V sitting on the launch pad had a total mass some 56 times that of the Apollo spacecraft.He walked past the helicopter pad and along a sandy road that led toward the church spires.Such excerpts are important because they provide a highly visible launching pad.