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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpolygraphpol‧y‧graph /ˈpɒlɪɡrɑːf $ ˈpɑːlɪɡræf/ noun [countable]  SCTa piece of equipment that is used by the police to find out whether someone is telling the truth syn lie detector The suspect was given a polygraph test.
Examples from the Corpus
polygraphBilly Marks of Arlington said he was questioned repeatedly, given a polygraph and placed under surveillance for weeks.Pressures were transmitted to external pressure transducers and recorded on a polygraph.We gave Richard a polygraph two years ago and he passed.The manometer catheter was linked to pressure transducers which were interfaced to a polygraph.How many members of this crew have ever been subjected to a polygraph test?For he recorded it on his polygraph lie-detector and compared the timings afterwards.In fully 90 percent of these cases, information obtained through the polygraph contributed to the decision.The polygraph was more or less chaotic but then it almost always is.polygraph testHe confirms having agreed to take a polygraph test, but says he was not shown the results.How many members of this crew have ever been subjected to a polygraph test?The bureau had rejected recommendations that its agents be subjected to polygraph tests more often.