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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreservoirres‧er‧voir /ˈrezəvwɑː $ -ərvwɑːr, -vɔːr/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 DNWATERa lake, especially an artificial one, where water is stored before it is supplied to people’s houses2 AMOUNTa large amount of something that is available and has not yet been usedreservoir of She found she had reservoirs of unexpected strength.3 technicalT a part of a machine or engine where a liquid is kept before it is used
Examples from the Corpus
reservoirParticles of pellets have polluted the tank, the gravel acting as a reservoir of pollution, despite the water changes.Electricity is regenerated by returning the water to a low reservoir through a turbo-generator.Improved cleanliness of young children can reduce the nasal and ocular discharges that constitute a major reservoir of infectious material.Every available stretch of water - be it river, sea or reservoir - is likely to harbour a sailing club.It is only responsible for the reservoir itself and for the sluice gates, says Maxwell.Secondly, its effect could only be to put the squeeze on landowners who sat in the path of the reservoir.Salomon Brothers was full of shrewd, knowing people, I said, and we would draw from their reservoir of ideas.reservoir ofShe found she had reservoirs of unexpected strength.