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slideslide2 ●●○ S3 noun [countable]  1 slide.jpg for childrenDHT a large structure with steps leading to the top of a long sloping surface that children can slide down2 decrease [usually singular]LESS a decrease in prices, amounts etc opp riseslide in the current slide in house priceson the slide The company’s shares were on the slide again yesterday, down 7p at 339p.3 slides.jpg pictureTCP a small piece of film in a frame that you shine a light through to show a picture on a screen or wall a slide show4 getting worse [usually singular] a situation in which something gradually gets worse, or someone develops a problemslide in School administrators were unable to explain the slide in student performance.slide into a slide into economic chaos5 scienceST a small piece of thin glass used for holding something that you want to look at under a microscope 6 music/machineAPM a sliding part of a machine or musical instrument, such as the U-shaped tube of a trombone7 movement [usually singular]SLIDE a sliding movement across a surface The car went into a slide.8 earth/snowHE a sudden fall of earth, stones, snow etc down a slope a rock slide9 for hair British EnglishDCB a small metal or plastic object that holds your hair in place
Examples from the Corpus
slideA monitoring system that closes the road by activating a red signal light when a slide occurs is also in place.a slide showThere are also some 10,000 air photographs and slides.Work on display includes life-sized Elizabethan figures, a mural and an exhibit featuring the projection of slides on to specially made screens.Visitors entering the park from the Highway 140-Mariposa entrance station can see evidence of past slides.Don't go down the slide head first.School administrators were unable to explain the slide in student performance.More than 200 people were in the area at the time of the slide, officials said.on the slideI know some are already on the slide.A team and a club on the slide.Part of the timber flooring on the slide was also damaged.Parents kept glancing at her; so did Anna, as she played morosely on the slide and the largest swing.Go and play on the slide and let the girls get on with their game.Pushing on the slide, best friends leaving us, these are the often seemingly mundane problems of childhood.But it also was the last gasp for a team on the slide.Place one of these on the slide and cover with a few drops of water.slide showThere's also a slide show and talk presented by ex P.O.W.'s once incarcerated in Colditz, followed by dinner.He was constantly weighing how to advance the sister-parish relationship Was a slide show about Madre too little?The meeting was complete with a slide show prepared by the National League of Cities that explained the block grant program.By the time we met again, I had put together a low-budget slide show.George often uses slides showing complex shapes.The Alpenblick offers a weekly slide show and regular guided walks with the owner.