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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspoolspool /spuːl/ noun [countable]  spool.jpg DTan object shaped like a wheel that you wind thread, wire etc around
Examples from the Corpus
spoolI was representing a young boy who had been injured playing in the railroad yards on a large cable spool.Kirov stripped the tape from its spool and carefully incinerated it.That spool has a limited but steady sale to academics - a tribute to all the knowledge you had packed away.There she was, limp and pale in front of the spools of ribbon in the Emporium.Quinn was rewinding the spool for another attempt when Auster and his wife entered the room.Mr Chen was delighted: he snapped pictures while the spools of the tape recorder turned slowly.The spool is of ideal size, large enough to aid trotting and casting without being over sized.Nestling between the two spools was a tiny plastic packet, smaller than a thumbnail.