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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspringspring1 /sprɪŋ/ ●●● S2 W2 noun  1 season [countable, uncountable]TMC the season between winter and summer when leaves and flowers appearspring of the spring of 1933in/during the spring It’s due to open in the spring.late/early spring It was a cold, sunny day in early spring. spring flowers2 spring.jpg curved metal a) [countable usually plural]TD something, usually a twisted piece of metal, that will return to its previous shape after it has been pressed down an old armchair with broken springs b) [uncountable]SOFT the ability of a chair, bed etc to return to its normal shape after being pressed down3 water [countable]DN a place where water comes up naturally from the ground spring water There are several hot springs in the area.4 spring in your step5 full of the joys of spring6 sudden jump [singular]JUMP a sudden quick movement or jump in a particular direction syn leapGRAMMAR: Patterns with springin spring/in the springYou use in spring or in the spring when saying that something happens at this time: In spring the days get longer. She’s coming to visit us in the spring.last spring/this spring etcDon’t use in with these words:You say last spring: They moved here last spring. Don’t say: They moved here in last spring.You say this spring: The flowers are beautiful this spring. Don’t say: The flowers are beautiful in this spring.You say next spring: They’re getting married next spring. Don’t say: They’re getting married in next spring.You say that spring: It rained a lot that spring. Don’t say: It rained a lot in that spring.
Examples from the Corpus
springspring flowersA ruling is expected by spring.The majority of these become arrested in the abomasum as EL4 and do not complete development until the following spring.The hot springs in the mountain smell of sulfur.Last spring, he counted 26 of them at the mouth of the Charles River.The day the peony falls I will be sunk already in the sorrow of a lost spring.There's not much spring left in this mattress.Yet the caress of his meaning was delicate as the first green fronds of spring.The company also plans a new sub-compact in the spring.The Board of Education was far from happy with the rules and throughout the spring and summer the dispute rumbled on.Nothing except the altar built in the heart of the wood, next to the spring.in/during the springBut in addition there remained the puzzle of how the helium came to be in the springs.January sees the start of a fourth series, and a fifth will be filmed in the spring.Next come public meetings in the spring.Of course you got mists in the spring, when the weather was changing, but this mist was coming from Uberwald.Such was the situation at Hanes's Sparta, North Carolina, plant in the spring of 1985.Clearing two acres of tree stumps so a garden could be planted in the spring.Hector said they both knew you were going to break the truce yourself in the spring anyway.hot springsHot, hydrothermally altered ground and relatively weak fumaroles, but no active hot springs, are found on these volcanoes.Scientists hope the coming generation of Mars probes will detect former hot springs.The lake is noted for its hot springs, steam jets and geysers.Hippie dips, or hot pots, are circles of rocks built around natural hot springs.The helium would seep up through fissures, and hence its natural occurrence near the hot springs.The hot springs in the Jemez above us smelling of sulfur.And though the researchers had suspected all along that these hot springs existed, the real thing had far surpassed their imaginings.Close by are the famous Dimmuborgir, Grjótagjá and Stóragjá underground hot springs.